Aarhus holds a significant position as Western Denmark’s knowledge and growth centre.
The city has 1.2 million inhabitants within 1 hour's drive and a university in the top 100 of the world’s 17.000 universities. This is instrumental in ensuring easy access to knowledge and labour of high international standards for the city’s businesses.

The Danish business conditions are positioned in the very top of several international rankings, and with an easy access to knowledge and international-class labour, Aarhus fully meets these rankings.

The city has a well educated labour along with R&D environments of high international class, which in conjunction with a well developed infrastructure and a range of business strengths are contributing to the city being a unique and attractive place for investments. This is why Aarhus is the right place for businesses who want to deliver solutions of the future. 

City Boom
Aarhus is experiencing unprecedented growth. The population is growing and this growth is projected to continue in the years to come. During the last ten years, Aarhus has been one of the fastest developing growth centres in Denmark. During the same period unemployment has been the lowest among the bigger Danish cities.