Our shared vision is to create solutions to global challenges. Aarhus University is at the forefront of creating these solutions along with our innovation hubs within the fields of cleantech, food, healthcare, ICT, design, architecture and fashion.

What really sets Aarhus apart from other European cities is our long tradition of collaboration between companies, research and users. This tradition, combined with an interdisciplinary and user-oriented approach to development, is one of the main factors driving the strong innovation culture in Aarhus.

The city shares a belief in the power of rethinking to make a real difference. For example, through a mix of public solutions, public participation and close cooperation with the business and industry, Aarhus will be completely carbon-neutral by 2030.

Another ambitious future goal is found in tourism. The revenue of tourism has grown impressive over the past few years. From 2011 to 2016 alone, tourism in Aarhus has grown by 63 percent. To keep up the trend, we are aiming to double tourism in 2025 by investing in infrastructure, hotels and tourist attractions.

Aarhus is an open and innovative city with a great diversity of people. These strengths help us to maintain growth and development.
Jacob Bundsgaard, Mayor of Aarhus