Doing business here

It is easy to set up a business in Denmark compared to other Nordic countries.

- Online registration of new companies means you are ready to do business within a few hours

- No residency requirements for management, including members of the executive board (CEO), board of directors or supervisory board shareholders, and board meetings can be held electronically

- No notarial deeds

- Flexible language requirements: registration of corporate documents of limited liability companies, “A/S” (Ltd.) and “ApS” (LLC), in Swedish or Norwegian language is possible as an alternative to Danish, and some documents may be registered in English

- Dividends may be distributed on an interim basis

- Danish company law is in conformity with current EU legislation

Taxation in Denmark
It is tax-efficient to establish your business in Denmark.

- Corporate tax rate of 22%. This is below the world average. The effective rate is less, as business expenses and depreciations are tax

- Virtually no social security contributions for employers as opposed to many other countries

- No capital duty, share transfer duty, or wealth taxes

- Dividends may generally be received/distributed without tax

- Unlimited loss carry forward

- Special taxation for high-salaried expats: The scheme enables the expat to pay a reduced income tax of 26% for up to 5 years

Did you know..
... that 86% of Danes speak English?
... that 47% of Danes speak German?
... that 48% of Aarhus inhabitants has a higher education?
... that 25.1% of the population in Aarhus is between 20-29 years of age?