A strong internationally-oriented startup ecosystem provides startups and scaleups with optimal conditions for success.

Aarhus has a dynamic startup scene with a great collaborative atmosphere and a large number of inspiring co-working spaces for entrepreneurs. The spaces provide great facilities and a quick and easy way for entrepreneurs to find partners.

Aarhus offers easy access to knowledge to help you succeed with your business. The majority of the publicly funded business services are located in Aabogade 15, 8200 Aarhus N, which makes it easy to get all the help you need in one place. These services provide advice on appropriate steps for startups and scaleups in Denmark as well as know-how and financial opportunities related to funding and internationalisation.

At Startup Aarhus (STARTVÆKST Aarhus) you are welcome to attend both the regular free general introduction events for English-speaking entrepreneurs on how to start a business in Aarhus, and the regular Specialist Meetings, where you can get free advice from lawyers, accountants, and specialists with different areas of expertise.

All entrepreneurs can also sign up for free one-on-one business guidance at Startup Aarhus. Whether you are self-employed, a freelancer, a traditional entrepreneur or an IT startup with growth ambitions – Startup Aarhus can help you.

Entrepreneurs establish more than 1,200 companies each year in Aarhus, and 5,700 in Greater Aarhus. Aarhus’ ambition is to continue developing as a very attractive city for entrepreneurs, based on a strong talent pool, state-of-the-art competences, and a fun, stimulating collaborative atmosphere.

At Startup Aarhus I was given the advice to go all in – to do what I’m most passionate about. It is the best advice I’ve ever been given.
Aviaja Borup, Entrepreneur, CxD, Aarhus


Did you know ...

- Aarhus has the highest startup survival rates in Denmark.

- For over 5 years, Aarhus startups have created more than 8,500 new jobs in Aarhus.

- In Denmark, companies benefit from easy ‘plug ‘n’ play’ registration and can be ready to do business within a few hours.

- All free individual and group business development services for entrepreneurs and companies are taught in both Danish and English.