The Port of Aarhus is Denmark’s largest container port with a central location, internationally and domestically

The Port of Aarhus is located on the eastern edge of the city facing the Bay of Aarhus. The Port of Aarhus and the port-related companies together constitute a maritime cluster that embraces all aspects of services in a modern, state-of-the-art port.

It is the largest container port in Denmark, and with its outstanding efficiency, the port is one of the most productive in Denmark and Europe. In addition, the port has the capacity to handle the largest container ships in the world.

The Port of Aarhus is an important hub for ports in northern, southern and eastern Europe as well as for the eastern Mediterranean and the Far East, for which we have regular line connections. The rest of the world is reached through weekly feeder connections between Aarhus and the continental ports.

The client base includes a large number of diversified shipping lines with a total of 29 different transportation, container and port-related services. Through extensive infrastructure, the Port of Aarhus covers both Jutland and Funen as well as the Copenhagen area.


- Denmark’s leading container port with a market share of 56%

- The Port of Aarhus handles approx. 9 m tonnes of cargo annually

- Among the most efficient container handling in Europe

- Currently 1,300 m quay with 14 m water depth alongside quay

- 8 gantry cranes, incl. 4 super postpanamax cranes, which can handle the largest ships in the world

- More than 2,500,000 m2 area

- The harbour is extending its area to 4,200.000 m2

- 72% of all feed in Denmark is forwarded through the Port of Aarhus

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