…in a safe city that welcomes internationals with open arms

According to international rankings by IMD, Denmark is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to quality of life. Aarhus offers a high standard of living, excellent work-life balance and a safe environment for your family and children. High-quality daycare is easily accessible and relatively inexpensive, which means that career ambitions and a fulfilling family life can be easily combined.

In Aarhus, distances are short, and all you really need to get around is a decent bicycle. Beaches and woodland parks, the waterfront, the university and the city centre are all within easy reach. Aarhus is perfect for anyone who enjoys both the bustle of city life and the tranquility of nature in equal measure.

A full-scale expat environment
International Community is a professional and social network for expats and their families. The network offers a variety of services, such as social activities, practical assistance, spouse network and job assistance. To get settled and to get your paperwork in order, visit our International Citizen Service: A one-stop shop for expats.

Aarhus is a very green city with plenty of opportunities, such as the international school and international community. Raising our child in an international setting is very important to us.
Venkat Chalapati, Employee at Vestas and expat from India