The Danish food cluster is the 3rd largest in the world, employing around 200,000 people, and ranked among the best in European Food Innovation. Several large international food companies, such as Arla Foods, Dupont, Danish Crown and AarhusKarlshamn have chosen to place their headquarters or R&D centres in Greater Aarhus.

The Danish food sector delivers a quarter of Denmark’s total exports of goods and services – and a third of that comes from Greater Aarhus.

The highest concentration of food-related expertise in Europe is located within an hour’s drive by car in the greater Aarhus area. Multinational companies, small innovative startups and scaleups, and leading research and education institutes are based here – and you’ll find experts and scientists specialized in all aspects of the food value chain – including sustainable technology for high-yield farming; nutritional food components to help solve global health challenges; new technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of food production; and consumer behavior to support successful sales on international markets.

Cooperation - a key ingredient for successful innovation
The best innovations are developed in partnership. In Aarhus, you’ll meet the same openness to collaboration that drove the first Danish food cooperatives in the mid-1800s. Today, many of the region’s cooperatives are leading international companies. This tradition for cooperation offers important benefits to companies that base their European activities in greater Aarhus. Together, businesses, research organisations, educational institutions, the public sector, consumer organizations and networks make up a hotspot for profitable food innovation.

One example of this innovative environment is Agro Food Park – a fast growing food innovation hub located in Aarhus, which currently houses 80 companies and research institutions of all sizes, including the global innovation centre of the world’s fifth largest dairy company, Arla Foods and Aarhus University's Department of Food Science.

Our innovation unit in Aarhus is a significant catalyst for DuPont’s developments within food. This is why we plan to invest further in Denmark. Our research centre in Aarhus is world-class. Some of the world’s leading scientists of food ingredients work here.
Matthias Heinzel, President, DuPont Nutrition & Health