ICT & Media

Aarhus is partnering to create innovative digital solutions through knowledge-sharing across research specialisations and industries.

We believe that clustering businesses, research and education within a specific field optimises the flow of knowledge and enhances innovation. This is why we established the IT City Katrinebjerg: a vibrant hub of talent, knowledge and professional networking within ICT.

Here, the Alexandra Institute delivers groundbreaking, crossdisciplinary IT research, while INCUBA Science Park offers facilities to companies and facilitates knowledge sharing between up-and-coming innovation businesses. Aarhus University is also present, with a large number of bright students studying computer science, engineering, information studies, media studies and digital design.

The Smart Aarhus partnership
But our digital efforts go beyond Katrinebjerg. Smart Aarhus is exploring an alternative way of creating solutions for the city. Through collaboration between the public and the private sector, citizens, the business community, and knowledge institutions, we are working together to generate digital approaches to solving societal challenges. We are doing this by uniting urbanisation with the technology of the future and generating efficient and sustainable digital solutions. Smart Aarhus is a marketplace for everyone who wants to create value out of the digital economy.

Google's development department in Aarhus benefits a lot from the local university environment. Aarhus University is teaching excellent computer scientists in Googles area of business. Therefore, we see it as a good opportunity to hire local talent. Aarhus's reputation as a university city with many young people and activity opportunities is at the same time attracting employees from around the world.
Mads Ager, Google Aarhus Site Lead