Denmark is famous for its unique welfare and healthcare programmes, and Aarhus is a world-class hotspot for life science and healthcare technology.

We are currently in the final process of building and developing one of the largest and most advanced hospital complexes in northern Europe. The hospital will, in collaboration with Aarhus University, house some of the world’s most innovative health technologies, including the new National Centre for Particle Therapy.

A healthy collaboration
The density of the healthcare and life science cluster in Aarhus generates close collaboration between health-related businesses, knowledge institutions, the hospital and the public healthcare sector, providing the conditions for the development of groundbreaking R&D and healthcare products. Generally, public sector institutions are open to offering private companies opportunities for real-life development, tests and demonstrations.

Use our brain
With more than 33,000 students and around 1,600 PhD students, Aarhus University is the second-largest university in Denmark, and the Aarhus University Hospital has been voted the best hospital in Denmark for the tenth year in a row. This provides a great recruitment base for companies in relation to the recruitment of graduates and employment of young talents in work placements.

Aarhus University and VIA University College offers cutting-edge education and research within life science, healthcare and health tech. Some of the strong research areas in Aarhus are:
- Neuroscience
- Cardiovascular research
- Food Research (Health and Nutrition)
- Cancer Research
- Personalized medicine (development of new drugs)
- Digital technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things and Machine Learning as well as Bioinformatics
- Sensor technology (organic sensors and drug delivery)

As a global provider of healthcare technology, we always look for qualified and innovative talents to join the team and help us to continuously raise the bar for the Health Care IT. Thanks to the great talent mass in Aarhus we never have to look far.
Jens Knobe, Vice President of Integrated Workflow