Productivity, R&D and flexibility turn great ideas into solutions with global impact.

Aarhus is the largest production area in Denmark. There are 10.000 industry jobs in the city. Research from DI (network of Danish production companies, Dansk Industri), shows that 100 jobs in the industrial area add 35 jobs in the supporting areas. The innovative business climate in Denmark is based on close relations between craftsmanship, production and knowledge workers. This underlines the importance of a strong industrial sector to support innovation and ensure that Aarhus will be continuously at the forefront of innovation.

Placing both administration and production in Aarhus
Many companies decide to locate both administration and production in Aarhus. Companies find that the benefits of being able to go strait from innovation to production and see the specific idea tested counts heaps in the overall production and innovation process. Leading to a competitive advantage in an international market. Even though salary is often high in a European country, it is financially cost-effective for businesses to have production in Aarhus due to amongst others the lower transportation costs and the location closer to the end customer.

Aarhus is an ideal test market for high-tech companies
Denmark – and Aarhus – are ideal test environment for high-tech companies aiming to perfect products, R&D efforts, technology implementations or development and testing of new business models. Here are three good reasons:

• According to WIPO, Danish citizens are the most skilled users of information and communication technologies in the world.

• The public sector organisations in Aarhus are open to public/private innovation partnerships, which can give your business a platform for developing and testing your product.

• The unique synergy between industry and our top-ranked research institutions puts innovative strength right at your fingertips.

Intelligent solutions require working intelligently. A close cooperation between R&D, the production and our customers and a high level of automation means that we can deliver innovative technology of high quality efficiently, which creates great value for our customers.
Kim Lehmann - CEO, Kamstrup